Addons and Apps that I recommend...

Addons for web browsers:

uBlock Origin - The BEST ad blocker I've found. It even blocks ads from Youtube videos!

Tampermonkey - Userscript manager to allow customization of webpages.
Find my page of userscripts HERE...

Windows Applications (all FREE, or free versions available):

Audacity - Popular free audio recording and editing program.

Gadwin Printscreen - Screencap utility, better than the windows snipping tool. Check my tutorial HERE...

CCleaner - Best program to clean out your temp files, cookies and trash that has likely been building up and slowing your PC.

Speccy - Small awesome utility that tells you what hardware is in your PC.

TeamViewer - Allows remote assistance on your PC, but unlike many remote access applications, this one is safe. You know when the other person is connected to your PC, and you see on your screen everything they are doing.

WifiInfoView(zip) or WifiInfoView(exe) - Wifi analyzer for Windows 8/8.1/10. Save the zip, extract it, and run the exe within, or just save and run the exe version. (No installation needed.)

Notepad++ - It's like notepad on steroids... I use it ALL the time.

BUTT (Broadcast Using This Tool) - Simple application used for streaming audio to shoutcast/icecast servers (such as those used for online radio and secondlife).

OBS - Open Broadcaster Studio - Video broadcasting software, for streaming live to youtube, twitch, or many other platforms. Includes virtual webcam option for use with any application or website that allows live video.

Discord - Group chat and communication platform.

Other files people commonly need:

Creative X-fi Go Pro! software/drivers - Since Creative makes it a pain to find this on their site, I'm just going to host it here.