Take control of YOUR internet!

"userscripts" allow you to tell your browser to, well, basically do what you want. They are snippits of code that change the way webpages are displayed to you. For example, the google home page is pretty boring. What if there was a way to have an awesome space unicorn as the background??

This is exactly what userscripts can do! They can change stuff on webpages, or remove stuff, or even add stuff from other pages.

Step 1:

Get the tampermonkey addon!

Before you can run custom browser scripts, you'll need to get a userscript manager addon for your browser. Get the tampermonkey addon from tampermonkey.net (if you get the option for STABLE or BETA versions, choose STABLE), and then restart your browser.
You should see the tampermonkey icon in your toolbar if you are using Firefox, or in Google Chrome, hit the puzzle piece icon at the top right of your browser and it should show in the dropdown.
Note: If you don't see the icon after you install tampermonkey, you may need to go into your browser's settings, under "extensions", and enable it.
Note: You may want to bookmark this page so you can come back for the scripts after you restart your browser.

Step 2:

How to install scripts!

After you have tampermonkey installed and close and restart your browser, return to this page and click the links below to install the scripts. A tampermonkey window will open, allowing you to install the userscript. You don't need to restart your browser again, but you will need to refresh the page(s) that the script is for if you already have any open.
Note: After installing a script, you may be presented with a blank page or an error page. This is normal, just close the tab.

Step 3:

Current scripts:

Make Google Unicorny!!! - Add an awesome space unicorn image as the background for google.com!! (the example script from the top of this page)

Samplefocus Audio Downloader - Allows downloading of audio clips and loops from samplefocus.com without logging in to an account

*NEW* (beta) Fix the SingSnap Messageboard - adds Top and Bottom jumplinks, keeps the right menu in view, and redirects you to the proper end of thread after making a post in the messageboard on singsnap.com.

If you click on a script link and ONLY see a webpage of code (instead of the tampermonkey window), that means you didn't install tampermonkey and restart your browser.

In Progress:

SoundSnap Audio Downloader - Allows downloading of audio clips and loops from soundsnap.com without logging in to an account

The following scripts are OLD! THEY DO NOT WORK! They are here ONLY for reference!!

SingSnap - Stop Logging Me Out - Currently, SingSnap does not retain your ID if you close all SingSnap windows, forcing you to log in every time you visit the site. This will likely be a temporary issue, but in the meantime you can use this script.
What it does: If you are logged in to your SingSnap account, this script will change your login cookies to expire in 5 days, instead of when you close the page.

SingSnap Youtube Links - Adds a link to youtube to each song result when looking for a song to sing or record, for an easy way to research how the song is "supposed" to sound.

SingSnap Chatinator - Removes all unnecessary stuff from the SingSnap chatroom page, and stretches the chat window to use the extra space.

Fix the Listy Manager - (only useful for chatroom admins) - Removes unnecessary stuff from the top of the list manager, makes the page content wider, and fixes the broken "Copy" button.